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Vaticinia Nostradamus (Lost Book...) Analysis

Vatican Lies Illuminated : A Prologue !!

by Seven Star Hand

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Title 17, U. S. Copyright Code - Fair Use Provisions

Before publishing part two of this continuing analysis and series of articles, I decided to first present a prologue to better frame and clarify the focus. I have already delivered, and will continue to expound upon, comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual and philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, this analysis of the Vaticinia Nostradami (Nostradamus) manuscript, its related genre of Illuminated Vaticinia (illustrated prophecies), and the deeds of those who have used them to deceive, represent another body of stunning "proof, beyond disproof," that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions. The evidence further proves that these are not mere mistakes, but long-term, purposeful, and well-orchestrated deception and false-prophecy. It proves that Christian Rome's primary focus has been the use of religion as a purposeful deception to help forge and manage empires by deluding, dividing, and manipulating the multitudes.

Contemplate Machiavelli....

Why would a true servant of the Creator so fear the truth and struggle so desperately to keep it hidden and obfuscated for so many centuries? If they are not who they claim to be, then who are they and what is their true role?

But more importantly, if they are lying about who they are and their relationship to the Creator, why is this deceptive organization permitted to negatively manipulate world affairs on such a grand scale?

Remember the instruction to know them by their fruits?

Is the current state of this world "fruit from the tree of life" (good) or that of evil (anti-life)?

The recent buzz and hoopla over the so-called Lost Book (or Manuscript) of Nostradamus, a unique version of an obscure genre of Illuminated Vaticinia manuscripts from medieval Europe, has opened a new window onto the nature and extent of Roman/Vatican deception throughout the past two millennia. The manuscripts are based upon a core set of images that include portrayals of popes in symbolic settings and situations including dragons, serpents, dogs, beasts, various types of birds, horses, and other pivotal symbols from pivotal Hebrew prophecies. Though these have long been represented as so-called "Pope Prophecies" similar to St. Malachy's listing, I can now prove that the Vatican-Papacy and cohorts have long overtly lied about the meaning, source, and purpose of these images, and by extension, about the very same symbology and themes expressed throughout Judeo-Christian canons and related texts and concepts. These images add the extra dimension of visually linking specific symbolic and prophetic themes directly to the Vatican-Papacy. They model and encapsulate verifiable proof of the truth about the meaning and focus of these and other prophecies, which have always purposely-encoded verifiable proof of religious error and deception.

In the earlier versions of Nostradamus' Lost Book Bombshells, Part I, I simply linked to images already hosted at Crystal Links.com, whose owner was one of the guests on the History Channel Special. I am now taking advantage of the Fair Use provisions of US Copyright Law, Title 17 to collect, analyze, and present a representative body of existing images found around the web, on the History Channel DVD, and elsewhere as the central database and focus of this expose' of the entire genre of so-called "Pope Prophecies."

Since the History Channel was clearly involved in this blatant deception concerning Nostradamus' version of these manuscripts, all associated images are subject to legal fair use. Snapshots of images from the DVD will thereby serve as an integral component of the analysis and interpretation of these Vaticinia and the symbology they all embody. I'll also explore why the Vatican-Papacy and cohorts have gone to such great lengths to erect a centuries-old smokescreen around the symbology embodied in these images, the canons of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham, and other symbolized knowledge. Likewise, I'll prove why it was so important for them to cast a smoke and mirrors edifice around this specific manuscript, at this specific time, hence just before 2008, instead of 2012.

I came to this project after already publishing and repeatedly demonstrating redundant proof of the true meaning and purpose of the symbology used to construct (and encode) prophecies, religious canons, wisdom texts, these images, and other symbolic knowledge (Egyptian, Nubian, etc.). I had already reverse-engineered and documented the symbology of Hebrew texts and prophecies and their direct links to foundational Egyptian/Nubian wisdom and symbology. To help decode and analyze these images, the canons of all three faiths of Abraham, and other ancient symbolic knowledge bases, you can download my E-Books for free.

Read the definitions for Apocalypse and symbology and their related references in the Apocalypse Symbol Guide.

This gallery and analysis must rely upon an informed reconstruction of the image numbers of the Vaticinia Nostradamus manuscript. The Vatican and cohorts, History Channel, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma, and others have endeavored to hide the truth by blocking access to a full set of unmodified images. Consequently, it has been quite a project to be able to prove why the Vatican-Papacy and cohorts were so driven by desperation to run such an obvious scam.

In my continuing research and analysis, I am using a representative selection of digital "Illuminated Manuscript" images from around the web, mostly from European sites with associated image databases. I'll add to them in the future, but this selection is more than sufficient to prove the truth. They are organized into two primary groups. The first contains galleries of matching or very similar images from various manuscripts, indexed by Vaticinia Nostradamus image numbers. The other set of galleries are the supporting Vaticinia collections, indexed and presented by manuscript. I also provide links back to those sites and collections, as well as mirroring selected images to help spread the resulting traffic.

The History Channel Special was undeniably designed to misdirect and obscure the meaning of pivotal symbology in these images, but especially images 4-34 of which there are many historical variants. Consequently, I've had to research and reconstruct the numbering of the many images flashed on the DVD, available on the web, and in Nostradamus, The Lost Manuscript . The best previous Vaticinia manuscript for this task was the Stiftsbibliothek Kremsmünster: Vaticinia Pontificum. The use of the symbolism is purposely inaccurate in some of the other manuscripts, but this one is meticulously correct and was published before the Nostradamus version, yet during the same 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar (15th cycle, symbolized as the 5th star/angel).

See the following image galleries:
Image 16
Image 17
Image 18

It appears that the lower-numbered Nostradamus Vaticinia images (4-34) are a purposeful variation of the imagery in this specific version, though others were certainly used as reference. There are purposeful symbolic differences between the two, which by juxtaposition, help to provide proof of the meaning of the symbology and of each image's encoded messages.

For example, the Vaticinia Nostradamus image numbers were purposely offset by three, as a symbolic allusion to the pivotal importance of the number three and its redundant (symbolic and literal) association with the Vatican-Papacy, its concepts, and power sources. This +3 offset was a hidden validation code for deciphering the numeric symbolism encoded by this Vaticinia Pontificum's image order and numbers. Thereby, the Vaticinia Pontificum image number 15, will be the Vaticinia Nostradamus number 18, and so on. Though there are very specific and purposeful symbolic variations between the two, the Stiftsbibliothek Kremsmünster collection is the closest and best verification of some of what the Vatican and cohorts were so desperate to misdirect and obfuscate.

The goal of this continuing research, analysis, and series of articles is to present verifiable proof of the true purpose and meaning of the symbolism expressed in these images, related texts, canons, and other symbolic knowledge bases. This permits both truthful and verifiable interpretations of this entire genre. More importantly though, I am presenting comprehensive proof that the symbology used in these Illuminated Vaticinia is exactly the same as that evidenced throughout the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation), other Hebrew texts and derivatives, and the works of Nostradamus. I further demonstrate that these images verifiably model very specific themes and passages from pivotal prophecies and other symbolic texts and concepts.

This analysis and my earlier book prove that Rome has always created false prophecy while simultaneously endeavoring to suppress true prophecy, prophets, sages, scientists, and others with the potential to expose their long-term deceptions. This provides verifiable proof that they have always known that Christianity and Jesus Christ were purposeful deceptions, while ruthlessly imposing known deceptions to gain wealth and power. I also demonstrate that proof of this was redundantly encoded throughout many texts, canons, and related concepts with the same ancient wisdom symbology used by these Vaticinia.

It is important to understand that the "hidden" code of the Bible and related texts and concepts is the very same as that expressed by ancient Egyptian-Nubian symbology. By this measure, this genre of Illuminated Vaticinia is not unique because pivotal "hidden knowledge" of this nature has been encoded using the same ancient wisdom symbology for millennia. In fact, the use of visual symbology, matched directly to the written symbology of specific Hebrew texts, is a direct and unequivocal allusion to the fact that Hebrew symbology is the same as Egyptian-Nubian, only written and displayed differently. It's important to discern that most of the groups labeled as heretics, as well as other opponents of Christian Rome, were closely associated with some aspect of this ancient wisdom. They all possessed some key to the truth about the meaning of some pivotal aspect of symbology or prophecy and its relationship to Judeo-Christian canons, assertions, and their veracity.

One such pivotal symbol is the star, as discussed in Part I and throughout my book. Those interested in eschatology are fully aware of the pivotal importance of star symbolism. Likewise in Genesis, the eleven stars bowing to Joseph, who is the eleventh son of Jacob (11:11), have the same decoded meaning as the stars of the Apocalypse and within these images. They and the associated angels symbolize 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar. Thereby, the seven stars of my web-moniker (Seven Star Hand) and symbolized in my right hand in the Apocalypse, symbolize the 11th through 17th cycles. The 17th cycle began in 2001. This is the timeline symbolized within the Apocalypse across which my symbolized deeds span. This pivotal wisdom is also now instrumental to my efforts to prove the truth (hence, in my right hand...). The long-obscured truth about star symbolism exposes a great many religious lies and errors about angels, stars, the zodiac, various timelines, and much else. Accordingly, several of these images contain symbolic numbers and groupings of stars that likewise encode revelations profoundly damaging to pivotal assertions and expectations of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham.

Remember, the connecting theme or back story of the DaVinci Code, Gospel of Judas, Nag Hammadi Codex, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Templars, Cathars, Kabala, Nostradamus, Old Testament, prophecy, secret societies, mystery schools, the USA's (and others') national symbols, etc., is symbology. Some of it properly encodes wisdom, while much is purposely used to delude or to confound and misdirect. An important aspect of Rome's efforts to obfuscate ancient wisdom has been creating competing symbologies and explanations to confound those seeking the truth. Also, much symbolism has been treated literally, as is the case with the New Testament and the stories about Jesus' many miracles. These deceptions were poorly designed though and fall apart readily when finally compared to the verifiable structure, functionality, and ancient historical validation of true wisdom symbology. Herein lies the key to the long-promised demise of Rome's age-old deceptions and proof of the truth about many other ages-old deceptions and mysteries.

To better discern the truth, remember that (Amen-) Moses was raised and educated as an Egyptian elite and the knowledgebase of Egypt was consistently dualistic and heavily symbolic. The ancient Egyptians expressed and encoded all philosophical wisdom, cosmology, and spirituality symbolically and dualistically. To them, the "language (words) of gods" (Medu-Netcher, a.k.a. hieroglyphics) was symbology and our reality flowed from principles and patterns most accurately and effectively modeled using symbolism. Likewise, dualism was the foundation and framework of the wisdom about our reality. The ancient Egyptians understood that their symbology was a natural language, designed in great antiquity (even to them...) to purposely model and encapsulate wisdom about our reality. Consequently, all such knowledge was expressed dualistically and symbolically to remain true to its source and nature.

For example, Maat's two wings symbolize dualism and she symbolizes truth and justice. Likewise,the winged sun disc (the "sun" of "righteousness" with "healing" in its "wings" ! ) symbolizes the "zeal (flame) for truth (light) and justice (heat)", hence righteousness, emanating from the heart of the wisdom of dualism (two wings). The double cobras symbolize the consequences of transgressing truth and justice. Thereby, "Ra's fire" which the cobras spit (breathing sparks or fire), is the same as the fire Elijah calls down from heaven (breath of my lips...), and the fire from heaven in verse 13:13 of the Apocalypse (karma, ka-maat). They all model foundational wisdom about our dualistic reality; that there are real consequences for deeds and results (cause and effect, karma, ka-maat). The scales for judging right and wrong have truth and justice, hence good (light heart), on one side with greed, falsehood, etc., hence evil (dark/heavy heart), on the other. Notice also how fire (flame, heat, and light) and burning are symbolically associated with both truth and justice (two candlesticks...) and the consequences of bad deeds/karma in Hebrew, Zoroastrian, and ancient Egyptian-Nubian symbology?

Foundational dualism is also embodied in the pairing of the feminine Nut (sky (air, heaven) goddess, light, above) and the masculine Geb (earth god, dark, below), and the consistently symbolic pairing of feminine and masculine principles, personified as gods and goddesses. Similar symbolism is seen in the personification of Sophia (wisdom) and Kuan Yin (compassion). Wisdom is often referred to as feminine in early Hebrew texts and derivatives and has long been symbolized as the consort of sages and the desire of seekers, such as Solomon, the Essenes, Gnostics, etc. Contrast this with the "masculine" "god" ("of forces", "of the earth"...) within the clearly symbolic canons of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham

Even more profound is Amen's (Amun, Amon) and Min's double (dual) feathered headdress. It is divided into four large (vertical, 11:11) and seven small (horizontal, 7:7) divisions (hence 11 dimensions flowing from a dual foundation/conception...) to purposely and accurately model the structure and nature of our universe. Amen's headdress thereby symbolizes our 11-dimension universe emanating from the dualistic thoughts and mindset of the "doubly hidden" creator. Contemplate the fact that this ancient symbolized "god"-principle of Nubia and Egypt clearly and undeniably models data about our universe and a pivotal aspect of String/M Theory that leading scientists are still haggling over (whether there are 10 or 11 dimensions, etc.).

As described in Part I, earlier articles, and in my book, the structure of our universe, which was only recently alluded to by the math of string theory and quantum physics, was also purposely and accurately modeled by the symbology of the Apocalypse. Angels and stars are used to symbolize four large (1440-year) and seven small (360-year) cycles. Four large space-time dimensions and seven small or hidden (conceptual-spiritual) dimensions, hence 11 total, are redundantly modeled or alluded to in other ancient symbolic sources, which all long-postdate ancient Egyptian-Nubian possession and mastery of such quintessentially profound wisdom and cosmology. This is further evidenced by the many later uses, symbolic groupings, and pivotal importance of the numbers seven (heavens, spirits, eyes, seals, pillars, candlesticks, etc.) and four (elements, essences, corners, winds, etc.).

The same essential assertions, dualistic moral framework, and symbolically encoded spiritual wisdom evidenced in early Egyptian-Nubian sources undeniably influenced the creation, structure, and contents of derivative texts such as the Zoroastrian and Judeo-Christian-Islamic canons. Though this is the key to the truth about many mysteries and deceptions alike, most people are ignorant of and/or indifferent to the source and meaning of the ancient symbolism at the heart of these historical sources.

Amen was also symbolized as and associated with both lions and rams (sheep) and a ram-headed and lion-bodied sphinx. Notice how this ancient symbolized "god" of Nubia, later merged with Egypt's Ra, was the source of pivotal symbolism later associated with the Hebrew Messiah (lion, lamb, sun, ram horns (shofar), jubilee, the poor, etc.)? It is clear that (Amen-) Moses modeled the original "god of Judah" after the ancient Nubian god/principle Amen, including the ark (bark, barque), its procession, and much else. Likewise, other details of Amen's description became pivotal aspects of the original god and spiritual philosophy of Judah, including the word Amen.

It is clear that (Amen-) Moses kept the underlying wisdom and symbology, but rejected the prolific Egyptian pantheon and the visual depiction and personification of spiritual principles. This also fits perfectly with Amen's aspect as the "doubly hidden" and unnamable god, clearly evidencing that Moses was not a follower of Akhenaten or the Aten. His monotheism was a point-by-point match to the philosophy and principles associated with Nubia's ancient hidden creator god. These facts point to the truth about the racial identity of both Moses and the tribe of Judah, hence they were Nubian exiles.

A pivotal key to discerning the truth about these ancient knowledge sources is to understand that (Amen-) Moses lived at a time and place when symbolism and symbolic wisdom were philosophical and scientific high-tech of the most advanced civilization on the planet. He was the equivalent of an advanced technician trained in one of the empire's most coveted, advanced, and scientific-spiritual technologies. He obviously knew the underlying principles (wisdom) as well as the functional details (knowledge). It should be no surprise therefore that the textual genre he sent forth through time was and still is so heavily and consistently dualistic and symbolic. Consequently, the true "Bible code" is ancient wisdom symbology (Egyptian-Nubian-Hebrew), which is why it has long been associated with religion, mysticism, the so-called occult, and those seeking to understand the truth about these ancient mysteries.

Now take a moment to contemplate the import of this information. If the "god" of Moses was Nubia's Amen, who was only supposed to serve as a symbol, then who or what is the god of the Judeo-Christian Bible and Quran? Likewise, if the "language of the gods" was confounded in Babel, doesn't that point to Babylon as the source of many of the symbolic and spiritual errors that have since confounded seekers of the truth?

Read the interpretation in Part I of the dragon and seventeen stars in image 18 and the Doctrine of Two Spirits discussion of dragons and ten horns.

One aspect of the Mystery Babylon symbolism is the association between the Great Red Dragon and the "ten horns" (ten commandments). Who/what then is the "god" of the Ten Commandments and why are they (ten horns) redundantly symbolized emanating from the heads (mindsets) of dragons and beasts (Babylonian-inspired false gods and empires)? Read "Bel and the Dragon" (also in my book) for further confirmation of the true source and focus of the dragon symbolism. Now, look at image 10 (ten horns...) to see the direct illustration of this theme and who feeds and grows "dragons." Likewise scroll through the other images to see the many overt associations of the Vatican-Papacy with beasts and dragons.

To better understand the historical context of this genre, these images came out of the time of total rule by the Vatican (Christian Rome). Many people were well aware of the literal details of Rome's overtly evil deeds. To put things in sharper context, Machiavelli was inspired to write The Prince after working with and against the Vatican and Papal States. These images were designed to make it to our time to help prove that the Vatican is still secretly in power and still manipulating world affairs from behind a deceptive veil maintained by Judeo-Christian religion. Hence, the Papacy and religion are smokescreens for the Vatican's true "behind the scenes" role. That is the barely concealed message behind Image 33, which is one of the images they tried to hide. You can see the truth clearly symbolized in this image's gallery.

Oh No Toto...,

These images unequivocally cast the Vatican-Papacy as the "Man behind the curtain," even into our time. Also, two female angels, symbolizing two angelic religions, are supporting the curtain/veil. Also, in most versions, only the top of the head and cross are visible to those on the other side of the veil. Hence, a Judeo-Christian veil is used to hide the truth about the Vatican-Papacy. Notice the tightly clasped and closed book (Judeo-Christian...), symbolizing that its true meaning and import was also kept safely hidden behind the Judeo-Christian veil.

It is important to understand that Nostradamus was a prophet and his version of these Vaticinia images was meant to deliver pivotal messages, to our time. Part of that message is proof that centuries-old Papal assertions that these images were meant as prophecies of a series of popes are purposeful and verifiable false prophecy. Putting this manuscript into the hands of the Papacy to evidence their knowledge and behavior towards it was likewise planned and purposeful. This was an important act in an age-old sting-operation against religious deception and the evils flowing from the Vatican and its hidden machinations.

His versions of the standard set of 30+ images were designed to help prove the meaning and purpose of the symbology of the entire genre. The 50+ additional images are clearly purposeful messages to our time, meant to reinforce and extend the wisdom imparted by the first group. Part of that extended wisdom models my deeds and the repeated symbol of an "opened book" refers to my unsealing of the symbology of the Apocalypse, which also decodes these images, thereby exposing their long-hidden meaning. Compare that to many of the lower-numbered images, which symbolize the Papacy coveting a closed book.

Just watch how the Vatican and cohorts have writhed and squirmed of late in their desperate efforts to proactively manage and deflect the apocalyptic potential of this manuscript, especially when matched with the details in my book(s). It is undeniable that the Vatican and cohorts fully understood the threat to their lies, which is why they proactively tried to befuddle anyone capable of linking Nostradamus' Vaticinia manuscript to related symbolic knowledge. It is important to understand that the Vatican-Papacy has, by their ineptness, arrogance, and desperation, unequivocally demonstrated they know this entire genre of Vaticinia are irrefutable evidence of long-term deception. Likewise, they have been aware for years that this manuscript was verifiable proof of their age-old false-prophecy machinations. The recently erected smoke and mirrors surrounding these images are yet more evidence of their apocalyptic potential and of Rome's long-term and desperate struggle against the truth. These images and this genre serve as yet another enlightening microcosm of Rome's deeds throughout the entire last age.

These manuscripts also provide evidence that certain aspects of ancient symbology were partially understood by both the Vatican and certain of its opponents. Both sides waged a propaganda campaign over the true meaning of these and other prophecies and their in-common symbolism. One side of this centuries-long campaign can be seen by the recasting of these symbolic images to appear positive to the Vatican-Papacy and cohorts. The other side can be seen by the correct symbology expressed in certain versions of the plates, but not others, even though the accompanying text interprets them as prophecies of certain popes. Like the better-known Leonardo DaVinci, some of the artists hired to do this work over the centuries had connections with movements opposed to the Vatican and purposefully encoded proofs of the truth in these images, and elsewhere.

These so-called Pope Prophecy manuscripts evolved and were published during a period of time stretching from the Crusades through the Inquisition, hence the most overtly evil period of Christian Rome's direct reign over its Eurasian empire. This was also the time of the profusion of false religious artifacts, the body parts of saints, fragments of crosses, spears, shrouds, etc., etc. The people of this time were blatantly deceived, oppressed, and terrorized by those who controlled and created the New Testament and Christianity and then used them as overt bludgeons to control governments, commerce, and populations. Many were intimately aware that Christian Rome was the great evil symbolized by ancient prophets and prophecies and some actively worked to preserve proof of the truth for future generations. One of those bodies of "secret knowledge" was embodied and transmitted by this genre of Illuminated Vaticinia and the symbology they display.

Nostradamus, who was a very unique and capable opponent of the Vatican's deceptions, came into possession of these and other "forbidden" (by the Inquisition...) versions of these manuscripts. When he said he put certain secret books "to the flame," he was saying symbolically that he subjected them to the "zeal for truth and justice." His resulting versions of these images were designed as pivotal keys to verify the truth and deliver justice by exposing the lies at the core of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham. The Vatican's lies are now irretrievably exposed and the Faiths of Abraham are now thoroughly debunked. Accordingly, long-sought-after and long-hidden ancient wisdom is verifiably "unsealed" for all to understand.

Sounds like the true definition of the word Apocalypse to me. It's no wonder these scoundrels were so desperate to confound the meaning of this and other bodies of wisdom.

It is vital to remember that nothing in these images is literal. You don't symbolize people or their deeds in the manner the Vatican and Christianity have long deceptively asserted. Likewise, ancient wisdom symbology is a much more structured, precise, and internally verifiable body of wisdom than the Vatican and cohorts ever wanted people to understand. These "Pope Prophecy" images symbolize moral, philosophical, and conceptual details about the Vatican-Papacy, its cohorts, and their deeds, results, and consequences during specific time spans and circumstances. Since they model conceptual and spiritual situations and wisdom, the actions portrayed are also symbolizing conceptual situations and conflict, hence a battle of ideas and philosophies, between truth and lies, etc. Therefore, when image 6 shows a pope's head being attacked, it symbolizes bashing their mindset (hence religion, money, politics, theocracy, etc.), not their physical bodies! The people, animals, items, various details of their portrayal, and their relationships all deliberately encode specific messages using verifiable symbolism and themes. These images use popes as pivotal symbols to leave no doubt that they refer to the deeds and lack of veracity of the Vatican-Papacy and their power sources.

These images were never meant as prophecies of a specific series of popes, as the Vatican-Papacy and cohorts have long asserted. On the other hand, the deeds associated with this genre of images have delivered comprehensive proof of long-term deception and purposeful false prophecy by the founders of Christianity. The recent treatment of the Vaticinia Nostradamus manuscript serves as further evidence that they were fully aware and fearful of the importance and impact of these images. They clearly understood enough of their meaning to be driven to desperate measures to obscure and misdirect any potential researchers. This is the same behavior directed towards the Dead Sea Scrolls, Gospel of Judas, and other finds with the potential to expose their lies.

Ancient wisdom symbology was always meant to model and abstract philosophical and spiritual concepts and situations, though it often purposely alludes to space-time (physical universe) things and situations. These images, showing generic popes and various associated symbols, were designed to model and encapsulate moral and conceptual details associated with the Vatican-Papacy, not individual popes, except as an oblique time reference. For example, I wrote elsewhere that the two candlesticks and the number 11 both symbolize truth and justice. Accordingly, the two candlesticks (and two witnesses from Revelation Chapter 11) also refer back to the number 11. Thereby, when plate 17 shows three tall candlesticks, they purposely represent the number 111, as well as matching other associations of the number three with the Vatican-Papacy. The use of three candlesticks is also a direct allusion to the fact that the assertions in the Book of Revelation that the "seven candlesticks" symbolize "seven churches" is a blatant lie, which is now fully exposed. Furthermore, I discuss verifiable proof of this, in great detail, in Chapter 3 of my book.

I partially interpreted image 17 in Part I, but didn't mention the significance of the three candlesticks, though I did mention Pope 111 on St. Malachy's symbolic listing of Popes. The current Pope (Benedict XVI) is number 111 on this list, and as I have already asserted, he is St. Malachy's final Pope, not "Peter the Roman" which I discuss in Vatican Lies Illuminated - Part I, in other articles, and in my book. Peter the Roman does not describe a final Pope, but the fact that in their time of shame, grief, and anger, people will know that Peter has always been a Roman deception, based loosely upon "Simon bar Johah," who was never in Rome, much less buried there.

Also, notice that the number of plate 17 purposely matches the number of the current cycle on the Hebrew calendar (a.k.a. the seventh angel/star), which began with the start of the new millennium in 2001. Plate 17 therefore symbolizes a grievous attack on the foundation and veracity of the Vatican-Papacy's words, during the 17th cycle, the time of Pope 111, and with the help of wisdom and wise deeds from the 15th cycle (5th star/angel), which symbolizes the "time" of Nostradamus and other well-known Vatican opponents (and many victims).

It is vital to understand that a pivotal reason for "sealing" (symbolically encoding) prophecies and other ancient wisdom over the millennia was to preserve pivotal truths and wisdom from the evil scoundrels that have always controlled money, religion, and politics. Sealed prophecies and wisdom texts verifiably encode pivotal truths and wisdom purposely hidden from greedy and arrogant monetary, religious, and political leadership over the millennia, so they would survive into our "time". The deeds flowing from Rome, both past and present, are undeniable proof that protecting and preserving pivotal wisdom from those who have long ruled this world was absolutely wise and undeniably necessary.

Now we have arrived at humanity's time of greatest need as we stand on the brink of a full collapse of global civilization and the war, chaos, famine, and other calamities that would grow much worse than they are now. Now is the time for the multitudes to wake-up, shake-off ages-old delusions, and refuse to blindly tumble into that looming abyss.

I have given you the key to the truth about the Vatican and conspiring world leaders.

What happens next is up to you...


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